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Booking with an independent travel agent


Case Study – Andi

Andi knew about Compass Connections through a family member so already had some understanding of the advantages to dealing with an independent travel agent. When it came time for her and her family to book their next holiday, we were pleased they decided to give our service a try.


First contact

At the time, Andi had some ideas but was very open to new options. At Compass Connections, its always great to have free reign as we enjoy thinking outside of the box to come up with the best solutions.

‘I initially phoned Sarah to pick her brains because we were thinking of doing a biggish holiday the next year. We needed to be very controlled about costs and were considering all-inclusive because the children had heard of these types of holidays and liked the idea of lots of free ice cream. My husband and I also liked the idea of cocktails by the pool in the afternoon.

It was also about finding something outside of our comfort zone. We travel a lot with the children but its always been within Europe and weve just booked a villa online with flights ourselves.

We told Sarah we wanted somewhere 4 star and all inclusive; knowing we wanted to explore, not just sit by the pool but see some interesting places.





Coming up with ideas and choosing

Even with some vague ideas we can go away and quickly come back with some interesting options. We can always build on these initial thoughts later as we craft the perfect holiday.


‘I gave Sarah my budget and she was great. She went off and came back with some ideas. It was so quick I thought at the time, surely she needs much longer. Id mentioned Club Med so she came back with a whole set of options with full costings.


Dealing with an independent travel agent gains access to prices and information thats difficult to obtain online.


‘Id looked on a couple of websites but the cost I was getting was much more than Sarah could get. The problem we have is that our children are old enough that they nearly cost full price. Online when you put in two adults, two children sometimes it wont register it’s a teenager. Sarah can book a 13-year-old price as a travel agent.

We love having the opportunity to give clients inspiration. Rather than looking through lifeless brochures we like to get to know the character of our clients so we can tailor make the holiday to their tastes and needs.

‘The times Ive been into a travel agents in the past, the sort of places they offer dont appeal. Usually they involve massive hotel complexes with a disco and this feels very generic.


Once we have several options for the client with full costings and any other specifications in place, the exciting part comes – making a choice.


‘Sarah came up with Rhodes, Cyprus, Mauritius and a few others. We decided to go to Marrakech in the end, to Club Med.


Once a decision has been made we can look at the finer details to tailor the experience of a resort to the clients needs.


‘When you have kids, having the right kind of hotel room is really important. Sarah got this and looked at options with interconnecting rooms. She understood our requirements and found the best fit.

Club Med Marrakech


On Holiday

Our work doesnt stop after the bookings been made and our clients have set off on their journey. We like to take care of check-in where we can and keep an eye on world news in case an event might cause any problems so we can act quickly on their behalf.


‘When we flew to Marrakech, Sarah checked in for us and sent us all the boarding passes and all that stuff. I thought, Im not used to people doing all this for me; it was quite odd but really helpful.


Our aim throughout the process of setting up a holiday is to put everything in place for the best experience possible.


‘We definitely made the right decision. Sarah had stayed in a club med before and she knew what we wanted so we felt confident. We were slightly apprehensive but it was lovely, just as we imagined. The food was amazing. We were there for 10 days and it was great!

I felt we had an amazing and relaxing holiday, despite me being unwell on the flight home. It was a great experience for our first all inclusive.

On Reflection


We feel like were doing a good job when clients find us easy to deal with and everything down to the finer details of their holiday made it more comfortable and enjoyable.


‘The most helpful aspect of dealing with Sarah was her expert knowledge, especially of Club Med and the hotel layout. Finding us the right rooms made a huge difference. This is what had put us off staying in a hotel before.

Another key thing for me is how well Sarah understood what kind of holiday we were looking for. It doesnt feel like other travel agents have access to the options Sarah does.

Sarah is very welcoming, friendly, approachable, books to your requirements, doesn’t cost you any extra and can probably save you money. She can outline options that you havent even thought of so you can start looking at ideas outside of your normal holiday.

We hope to go to the States next year. I know I can tell Sarah what we want to do and shell get it sorted.


If you have any holiday plans then do get in touch on 01603 343555 to have a chat and see if I can put together that dream holiday for you.

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