Adventure Holidays

Adventure holidays

Is an Adventure Holiday right for you?

At Compass Connections, we don’t see a holiday as spending a week or two away from home. It’s a chance to encounter new horizons, experience new things, and maybe come home with a fresh new perspective on life.

So while many people come to me with a very clear idea of what their dream holiday looks like, I love guiding people through the process of trying something completely new.

We’ll be looking at the most popular types of holiday, from laid-back beach breaks to busy city trips. Hopefully you’ll see that there’s no holiday type to be written off – and a whole world of exciting experiences to choose from.

Let’s kick things off with a look at adventure holidays.

Who adventure holidays are for

There are adventures to be had around the world for just about every type of traveller – individuals, couple, families, and groups of friends. There’s an adventure for everyone.

One thing people find surprising is that there’s really no age restrictions. Plenty of adventures are safe and enjoyable for youngsters, while other, often higher-adrenaline experiences, are strictly for adults only. Many adventure holidays will comfortably accommodate groups of mixed ages and abilities too.

Also, if you think you’re too old for an adventure holiday, think again. Some adventures are specifically aimed at the older generation, regardless of your fitness level and ability, all of which can be customised to your individual needs and requirements.

The types of adventure on offer

Fast-paced thrills. Relaxing exploration. Whatever your idea of adventure is, there’s a holiday to match.

If you’re looking for a physical challenge, you’ll find endless mountain climbing, cycling, hiking, rafting and paragliding trips. I can even work with you to design an action-packed holiday with a different high-octane activity every day.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something that’s thrilling but less physically intense, safaris and animal experiences unlock the inner explorer in all of us. You could embark on a wildlife tour like creature-spotting on the Galapagos islands, or soak in the landscape in a gorgeous reserve or national park.

Where will your adventure take you?

Like the chicken and the egg, you can either let your adventurous spirit guide you or let your choice of destination come first.

You could go on an adventure surrounded by desert dunes, or amidst a world of ice and snow. You could hike along the winding trails of Latin America, or camp out in a mountainous wilderness. There’s a country, region, terrain and climate to suit every adventure and every individual. I will help you find and compare all your options.

You could also combine your adventure with sightseeing and some iconic locations. From Machu Picchu in Peru to the pyramids in Egypt, there’s nothing better than rewarding yourself – and recovering – in the shadow of a landmark.

Let me help you discover your sense of adventure.
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